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Inside of computer being repaired

Installing new graphics card in PC

Poor performance in a PC can mean a variety of different things–and can be caused by a seemingly endless list of possibilities. Slow performance can easily be something we just start to put up with–but you don’t have to. Whether at the business or for home computers, Tech Serve brings IT expertise to address computer repair needs of all kinds:

• Slow running & performance
• Viruses
• Issues with Windows

We offer the highest quality expertise to get your computer back to proper working order.

About Techserve

As your trusted partner for IT solutions, Techserve prioritises:

• Expertise
• A proactive approach
• Customised solutions
• Reliability & satisfaction

Our team brings years of industry experience to every job, ensuring that the finished repair is a reliable and lasting solution. Whatever your needs, we will assess the issue efficiently and implement the necessary repairs.

Computer being repaired in Wrexham

Components for PC including fan, RAM, disk drives

Domestic Computer Repair in Wrexham

Whether your home computer is a basic laptop that you use for general tasks like word processing, emailing, or banking, or you’ve got a custom rig to play the latest games at the highest settings, we can help you with any repair issues. From damaged or faulty hardware to software and OS problems, we will leave you with a PC running as good as new.

Commercial Computer Repair

If you need domestic or commercial computer repair services in Wrexham, Techserve has expertise in all aspects of hardware, software, and networking repairs. Few things can get in the way of the proper running of your business like PC problems–so from your IT services, all you want is efficient, reliable solutions. Our team can handle all aspects of repair and servicing at scale, building trusted partnerships with our clients.

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To discuss your needs for computer repairs in Wrexham, get in touch today. We have the expertise to provide top-quality repairs for home and business computers, addressing performance, OS, and hardware issues. Protect yourself against the drawbacks of a PC underperforming–give us a call to arrange your repair.

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