Domestic & Commercial CCTV Installation in Wrexham

CCTV camera in Wrexham

CCTV being installed in Wrexham

At Techserve Solutions, we provide specialist IT services for home and business CCTV systems. Offering unmatched security and monitoring, Techserve Solutions installs, maintains, and manages CCTV in Wrexham. Robust and properly fitted CCTV systems come with many benefits:

• Crime prevention
• Asset protection
• Personnel safety

We provide a comprehensive solution that takes you from consultation to ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

About Techserve Solutions

Backed by years of industry experience, Techserve Solutions brings unmatched expertise in a wide range of IT services. Taking a proactive approach and offering customised solutions for IT consulting in Wrexham, we make your tech needs simple.

CCTV Installation

Our professionals are experts in all aspects of the installation of CCTV. We understand that CCTV installation can present unique challenges in every property. Our team provide a bespoke solution in each case, installing all the necessary wiring in even the most difficult-to-reach places. Creating a comprehensive surveillance network, we can strategically place cameras in areas such as:

• Entrances & exits
• Car parks
• Sensitive locations

CCTV camera being installed in office ceiling

Tools to fit CCTV for business

Ongoing Support: CCTV Maintenance & IT Support in Wrexham

If you have any ongoing questions about your CCTV and all the systems on which it depends,, we offer continuous support and maintenance for your system. We can perform regular checks for any physical or connection issues and provide quick responses for technical faults.

Compliance & Industry Standards

At Techserve Solutions, we understand that questions around regulations are just as important as the proper installation of your security system. As IT specialists in Wrexham, we always adhere to the highest standards of compliance–ensuring any questions you have about data protection or privacy laws are fully answered.

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